Mike Ishikawa

Terranea Resort - Mike Ishikawa

Mike Ishikawa is an architect by profession. During his vacations and free time, he frequently sketched with pen and ink, filling many sketch books with interesting places he visited with his wife, Miki. Semi-retirement allowed some time to think about new interests, which led to the world of pastel paintings. He started painting in pastels […]

Pat Stone

Mosaic Pots - Pat Stone

I grew up in Oregon along the Columbia River. At an early age I developed a love of art, often drawing in my room. My family was full of creative influences — my mother a photographer, my father a wood carver, and my Uncle Larry a silver jewelry designer. I began mosaicing 12 years ago […]

Joy Gonzalez

South Shores Sunrise - Joy Gonzalez

Joy Gonzalez paints landscapes of San Pedro and Palos Verdes as well as scenes from her travels, especially in the Southwestern U.S. and the Sierra Nevada mountains. Her goal is to paint expressively, yet maintain a sense of realism, as she conveys her deep appreciation of the beauty of nature. Her goal in painting outdoors […]

June Treherne

Clay Wall Art - June Treherne

My first passion is my garden, and I also love to create interesting wall art from clay that can be displayed in the garden or in the home. I focus on color and texture, and sometimes use succulents to enhance some of my designs. June Treherne was a participating artist in the 2016 Rejoice in […]

Peggy Semtob

Peggy Semtob Jewelry

Peggy Semtob has been creating jewelry for many years under Peggy Paloma Designs using semi-precious stones. Her jewelry has sold worldwide and is in the jewelry collections of many celebrities. Peggy Semtob is an Emmy Award Hairstylist for the film industry whose jewelry is now sold in many fashion boutiques in California. Peggy Semtob was […]

Uduak Inyang

Nature - Uduak Inyang

Borrowing the words of William H. Davies in his poem “Leisure,” A poor life this is if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. There is tremendous beauty in this world — simple beauty — that we often overlook without a second thought as we speed ever increasingly toward a tomorrow […]

Sherrie Nielsen

Still Life 2 - Sherrie Nielsen

Sherrie Nielsen lives and works in Diamond Bar, California. She is a figurative artist, creating drawings and oil paintings that portray the natural world of flora, fauna, cosmos and humanity. Her work has been juried into both international and regional shows, receiving recognition and awards, and has been published as illustration in a major university […]

Clara Nilles

Haute Penguins - Clara Nilles

Vibrant! Colorful! Fun! Animal Art by Clara Nilles Art is my absolute passion in life. Primarily self-taught, I have been drawing and painting since I can remember. I LOVE exploring with bright colors and using intense brilliant hues. Animals are my favorite subjects — from owls and ponies to bison and octopus. I paint any animal […]

Mercedes Guzman

P.V. Coast - Mercedes Guzman

I have always had the desire to express my artistic self in the form of painting. I actually began painting at a time in my life when I needed a way to achieve stress reduction and to this very day I can still accomplish a sense of relaxation when immersed in my art. Once I […]

Dolores Garren

Dolores Garren Seascape

“Without words, Garren’s brush, paint and canvas allow her to capture fragments of God’s creation with a unique balance of color, light, and shadow. She lures the viewer to experience beauty, harmony and tranquility in her work.” Dolores Garren’s oil paintings reflect her love of landscapes and seascapes of the California coast. She comments, “I’m […]