Frances Nichols

Whitney Portal Waterfall - Frances Nichols

For the past twelve years I have focused on pursuing my own painting along the California coast and in the desert. Exploring the Mojave, Indian Wells Valley, Owens Valley, and the Eastern Sierras provides subject matter that creates beauty in the commonplace, transitory moment. Inspiration can be found in the most ordinary sun-hot desert wash, […]

Ruth Ibaraki

Ruth Ibaraki Pottery

Ruth Ibaraki offers handcrafted pottery pieces for your everyday enjoyment. She is a functional potter, producing porcelain and stoneware items in a rustic and simple style. Artistically, she loves exploring dark and light contrasts, textures and clay slip. The glaze she uses suggests an Asian influence. With over 16 years of experience, Ruth started at […]

Paula Brown

Poppies Field - Paula Brown

Paula Brown is a Heartist. Paula draws and paints the connection to the “heart” — the feeling of places, events, environments. Her muse is nature. She is inspired by its form, light, and patterns that give us connections to the beauty that makes up this world of ours. Her paintings reflect the light that radiates […]

Christina Centofante

Christina Centofante was born in New Brunswick, Canada, and currently resides in Southern California on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. She has worked as a professional artist since graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York with a degree in commercial art and advertising design. Captivated by an array of subjects — portrait, still life, […]

Robin Johns

Robin Johns Jewelry

Becoming a jewelry artist has been a natural progression for me. I learned early in life that I was a visual learner and obtained my BA from UC Berkeley in History of Art. My design aesthetic comes primarily from the stones and organic material that I collect. Color and composition infuse everything in my life […]