Nancy Comaford

Nancy Comaford Necklaces

Jewelry is my artwork. I design and make it all — using semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, coral, and seashells with pendants from all over the world. Also some Murano glass. I make earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Nancy Comaford was a participating artist in the 2017 Rejoice in Art! Fair

Bonny Botello

Bonny Botello Pastel

I am inspired to paint a wide variety of subjects, whether a beautiful landscape, the subtle lights of a nocturnal scene, a beautiful child or other special person, an iconic landmark, the geometry of architectural structure and the colors and forms of flowers. I use acrylic paints and pastels. The process of creation is frequently […]

Michal Artal

Portofino Harbor - Michal Artal

Michal Artal is an impressionist oil and pastel painter. She has been painting full-time since retiring from her medical career. Her subjects include still life, landscape and portraits. She had a solo exhibition in the Saint Louis University Art Museum in 2011 and participated in several juried art exhibitions locally. Michal says: “I find inspiration […]

Lynn Attig

Suey Ranch Wildflowers - Lynn Attig

The Pastel Journey I paint with pastels. That’s what I do. Several generations of painters before me set the stage for my entry into the art arena. As a child, I lived in the country, sitting in the tall grass with a drawing pad and pencil while my horses grazed beside me. At age 11, […]

Ann Marie Rode

Ann Marie Rode Painting

I am generally a plein air painter. That means in simple terms that I paint outside. The smaller studies that I create en plein air provide me with all the information I need to take into the studio and create larger works. I also enjoy doing still life paintings. I have a large garden that […]

Arthur Dubinsky

Arthur Dubinsky Painting

Arthur Dubinsky is an audio and visual artist from Redondo Beach with a degree in philosophy from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). From a young age he has sought to express himself artistically. “I don’t remember not being an artist.” He cites Matisse, Monet, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Picasso, Rembrant, Raphael, Gustav Klimt and […]

Joy Gonzalez

Tejon Foothills - Joy Gonzalez

Joy Gonzalez paints landscapes of San Pedro and Palos Verdes as well as scenes from her travels, especially in the Southwestern U.S. and the Sierra Nevada mountains. Her goal is to paint expressively, yet maintain a sense of realism, as she conveys her deep appreciation of the beauty of nature. Her goal in painting outdoors […]

Dolores Garren

Dolores Garren Seascape

“Without words, Garren’s brush, paint and canvas allow her to capture fragments of God’s creation with a unique balance of color, light, and shadow. She lures the viewer to experience beauty, harmony and tranquility in her work.” Dolores Garren’s oil paintings reflect her love of landscapes and seascapes of the California coast. She comments, “I’m […]

June Treherne

Clay Wall Art - June Treherne

My first passion is my garden, and I also love to create interesting wall art from clay that can be displayed in the garden or in the home. I focus on color and texture, and sometimes use succulents to enhance some of my designs. June Treherne was a participating artist in the 2017 Rejoice in […]

Frances Nichols

Desert Vista 1 - Frances Nichols

Visual experiences begin with light, and my intention is to portray the effects of light on the landscape. The California Impressionists, in whose tradition I follow, were determined to capture the true effects of light and its fleeting changes. Like them, I paint an “impression” rather than render fine detail, resulting in unfocused color and form […]