Maryse Bergeron

Prickly Archichokes - Maryse Bergeron

Maryse Bergeron is a newly found artist whose love for art has led her to start exploring her own artistic expression as a second career. She enjoys working with colors and multi-media materials, creating movement that embodies her love of nature and life. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Maryse moved to California 17 years ago, and […]

Lorene Barker

Lorene Barker Pastel

Although I have dabbled in art most of my life, I did not start to seriously study and apply what I have learned until I retired some ten years ago. I paint for joy and expressiveness. Lorene Barker was a participating artist in the 2015 Rejoice in Art! Fair

Steve Gardner

Steve Gardner Pottery

I guess it started when I was young. I ate some sand, so the silica got into my blood. Thereafter I loved to form and create with clay. I enjoyed the fluidity of clay so much that it became my major for the first two years of college. I loved learning about the mechanics of […]

Kim Gardner

Kim Gardner Pastel

What inspires me to paint, and lures me to a certain subject matter is primarily light. It is my muse. Quality of light, whether it be the subtle, tonal nuances of a morning’s mist creeping in to envelop a hillside, dramatic reflections on the water’s surface or streaming in through a window, it speaks to […]

Kathleen Weil

El Segundo Water Tower - Kathleen Weil

Kathleen Weil, a Southern California artist, has been painting in pastels since 2011.  A native Angeleno, she enjoys finding beauty in the everyday of city life, whether it is a traffic-filled street or the flowers in the neighbor’s garden. Kathleen Weil was a participating artist in the 2015 Rejoice in Art! Fair

Dolores Garren

Seaweed - Dolores Garren

“Without words, Garren’s brush, paint and canvas allow her to capture fragments of God’s creation with a unique balance of color, light, and shadow. She lures the viewer to experience beauty, harmony and tranquility in her work.” Dolores Garren’s oil paintings reflect her love of landscapes and seascapes of the California coast. She comments, “I’m […]