David Wolfram

Inspiration Point II - David Wolfram

David was born in Buffalo, New York, and moved to California in 1975. He graduated With Distinction from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 1985 with a BA in Illustration. He was employed for almost 22 years as a Toy Designer and Design Manager at Mattel, Inc. After leaving corporate life, inspired by […]

Paula Somma

Ojai Lavender Field - Paula Somma

The heart behind the art I am inspired each and every day by the beauty that surrounds me. Fascinated with the changing of light and shadows, the depth of color and reflected light, intricate patterns, textures, forms… I walk through life in awe of Creation. Born and raised in San Clemente, California, I am so […]

u-knitt Knitting Emporium

u-knitt sweater

“When Gail and I met, I knew that we would not only be very good friends but that we would be business partners at some point also. When I learned that her birthday is February 14th (mine is the 15th), that clinched and sealed the deal for me!” – Cristine “My knitting experience started at […]

Frances Nichols

Looking Toward the Inyo Mountains - Frances Nichols

My work is based on the tradition of the early California Impressionist plein-air painters. The works are in pastel with a watercolor underpainting, watercolor and oils, done on site or from my photos. My paintings investigate the local scenery of the high desert and the Eastern Sierra mountains. I like to explore lighting effects and […]

Rosemary Bandes

Figueroa Mt. Road - Rosemary Bandes

Rosemary Bandes is an award-winning artist, known for prolific work of California impressionist landscapes. She works from her own photographs and on site in California and other locales. Her work is characterized by her use of strong underpainting colors to give her landscapes a dramatic and modern look. Rosemary‚Äôs work has been shown in galleries […]

Lynn Attig

Yearning for the Herd - Lynn Attig

The Pastel Journey I paint with pastels. That’s what I do. Several generations of painters before me set the stage for my entry into the art arena. As a child, I lived in the country, sitting in the tall grass with a drawing pad and pencil while my horses grazed beside me. At age 11, […]

Ann Marie Rode

Mary Anns Malibu House - Ann Marie Rode

I am generally a plein air painter. That means in simple terms that I paint outside. The smaller studies that I create en plein air provide me with all the information I need to take into the studio and create larger works. I also enjoy doing still life paintings. I have a large garden that […]