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u-knitt sweater

u-knitt's Cristine and Gail“When Gail and I met, I knew that we would not only be very good friends but that we would be business partners at some point also. When I learned that her birthday is February 14th (mine is the 15th), that clinched and sealed the deal for me!”

– Cristine

u-knitt dolls“My knitting experience started at the young and tender age of 9 in Johannesburg, South Africa. During my first pregnancy, I enthusiastically knitted a complete layette for my daughter. Years later, as I browsed through a yarn store, I met an amazing woman who was wildly excited to meet a South African who used, and understood, the metric system. And, as they say, the rest is history!”

– Gail

u-knitt crochet workBetween us we have over 35 years of knitting and crocheting experience. To this we have added finishing, where we inspect our clients’ unfinished ‘symphonies,’ and then proceed to complete the ‘concerto.’


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u-knitt Knitting Emporium was a participating artist in the 2015 Rejoice in Art! Fair