Kathleen Weil

Green Car - Kathleen Weil

A native Angelina, Kathleen Weil still lives in Los Angeles. She dabbled in oil painting in the mid-1970s but spent the next 35 years working as a bookkeeper in design related industry. She was introduced to the medium of pastel in a workshop with Stephanie Birdsall in 2011 and fell in love with the immediacy […]

Clara Nilles

Giraffe Family on Spring Green - Clara Nilles

Art is my passion! Primarily self-taught, I have been drawing and painting since I can remember. After a long career in finance, I finally left the corporate world to pursue my biggest dream…of becoming an artist. I see the world in brilliant colors! My paintings add a splash of gorgeous color to people’s lives. I believe […]

Emily Brantley

Lanikai - Emily Brantley

Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, Emily lives near the beach and finds inspiration from the beauty in nature and in people. Every plant, animal, and person is unique, and her art captures the vibrant colors and fantastic diversity of this big world. Conservation is a cause close to her heart, and thus her work celebrates […]

Steve Abshear

Steve Abshear Woodturning

I was about 10 years old when I realized that I liked working with my hands. My dad started an addition to our house, a project that would last several years. I started helping him build a retaining wall, mostly digging and mixing mortar. By age 12, I was using a Skillsaw and never looked […]

Mary Jane Sesto

Mary Jane Sesto Photo

Mary Jane Sesto is a self-taught local artist who specializes in nature photography. Through her work she hopes to bring the beauty and importance of nature to as many people as she can. Her work has been published in the book Focus on Africa, several newspapers across the country, numerous travel brochures and the CD-ROM […]

Jose Angel Hernandez

Year of the Monkey - Jose Angel Hernandez

I am a Los Angeles based contemporary artist, born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Northeast of the United States. It wasn’t until midlife, at the turn of the century, that I developed a passion for painting. I have shown my work in galleries and art fairs in Los Angeles, CA and the state […]

Joyce Welsh

Joyce Welsh Point Vicente Lighthouse

Watercolor and bright color are my passions! I love the challenge, spontaneity, and continuous learning process surrounding the medium. Watercolor, for me, is about the transparency of the colors, blending of hues, allowing white paper to “shine through” the paint and letting the water flow – all characteristics that intrigue me. Stained paper collage with […]