Clara Nilles

Haute Penguins - Clara Nilles

Vibrant! Colorful! Fun!
Animal Art by Clara Nilles

Art is my absolute passion in life.

Manatees Munch! - Clara NillesPrimarily self-taught, I have been drawing and painting since I can remember. I LOVE exploring with bright colors and using intense brilliant hues. Animals are my favorite subjects — from owls and ponies to bison and octopus. I paint any animal that strikes my fancy!

I believe color is the universal language that brings a positive energy to people and communicates strong emotions and mood. I also think that animals bring out the goodness and feelings of being with the earth. It’s a combination that has timeless appeal for children and adults alike.

My paintings are vibrant and happy, and according to one of my collectors… “PURE FUN!” I want people to laugh, love, and smile when viewing my works.

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Diva Zebras on Royal Sapphire - Clara Nilles

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Clara Nilles was a participating artist in the 2016 Rejoice in Art! Fair