Portrait of the Artists

Frances Nichols

Whitney Portal Waterfall - Frances Nichols

Visual experiences begin with light, and my intention is to portray the effects of light on the landscape. The California Impressionists, in whose tradition I follow, were determined to capture the true effects of light and its fleeting changes. Like them, I paint an “impression” rather than render fine detail, resulting in unfocused color and form […]

Nancy Comaford

Nancy Comaford Jewelry

Nancy loves making jewelry and has been an artist for over 35 years. She originally started doing creative stitchery, moved to on- and off-loom weaving, then basketry and three-dimensional macramé. About 25 years ago she found her true love with creating jewelry. Over the years her jewelry has been sold in galleries and art boutiques throughout California. […]

Paula Brown

Cambria Sunset - Paula Brown

Paula Brown is a Heartist. Paula draws and paints the connection to the “heart” – the feeling of places, events, environments. Her muse is nature. Shi is inspired by its form, light, and patterns that speak of its function, interconnecting with all to make up this world of ours. Her paintings reflect the light that radiates […]

Virginia Kamhi

Hilltop Sentinel - Virginia Kamhi

Born and raised in Southern California, Virginia spent many childhood hours roaming the hills surrounding her home and many weekends bodysurfing in the ocean. These early memories perhaps influence her art, because California landscapes and seascapes are her preferred subjects. Although Virginia always “messed around” with art, she started her art career late in life, […]

Vickie Sekits

Vickie Sekits Painting

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. After living in San Francisco for over 11 years, I moved to Los Angeles with my husband and have lived in the South Bay since 1996. I became a stay at […]