Portrait of the Artists

Kalinka Corbacho

Oda a la Alegría Mujer - Kalinka Corbacho

Kalinka Corbacho was born in Valencia, in 1966. She grew up between Venezuela and Spain. Toward the end of the seventies, when she was studying in Madrid, the seeds of her artistic vision, based on the emotion that “the moment” represents in the different moods of people, were planted. Kalinka moved to Caracas again in […]

Steve Abshear

Steve Abshear Woodturning

I was about 10 years old when I realized that I liked working with my hands. My dad started an addition to our house, a project that would last several years. I started helping him build a retaining wall, mostly digging and mixing mortar. By age 12, I was using a Skillsaw and never looked […]

Joyce Carol Watanabe

Joyce Carol Watanabe Jewelry

A fascination with rocks, shells and metal led Joyce Carol Watanabe to learn jewelry making. When an auntie taught her pearl knotting, she continued taking metalwork classes at Long Beach Community College, Venice Community Adult School, and Torrance Cultural Arts Center. At the Culver City Rocks and Minerals Club workshop volunteers taught her lapidary to […]

Georgeann Robertson

Point Vicente Lighthouse - Georgeann Robertson

Ms. Robertson has been painting since 1987, and she has collected numerous awards at various shows she has participated in. She is an active member of the Artist Open Group and Palos Verdes Painters (affiliated with Palos Verdes Art Center), Torrance Artists Guild, Destination: Art and Artlife South Bay. In addition, she served several years […]

Chris Stoten

Metal Flying Pelican Sculpture - Chris Stoten

I create mostly kinetic metal sculptures that move with the wind, along with some wall hangings. The inspiration comes from the birds and creatures that inhabit a lagoon near my home of the West Coast. Sculptures include herons, pelicans, quail, coyotes, shore birds, whales, dolphins, fish, turtles, road runners, frogs, flying pelicans, hummingbirds and flamingos. […]