Elissa Maria DiCarlo

HIM - Elissa Maria DiCarlo

I was born in Long Beach, California, and was raised in San Pedro. I am a graduate of California State University, Long Beach, with a BA in Home Economics, emphasis on Environmental Factors and Housing. I pursued a career in the field of commercial interior design in both the hospitality and corporate arena — concept, color, texture, space planning and art acquisition being my primary focus.

Leaving the professional services arena while I was raising my family, I became very active as a fiber artist and spent years in this creative endeavor — quilting, silk painting, weaving, felting, knitting, beading and more. At that time I was a member of the South Bay Quilt Guild and W.A.C. I continued to demonstrate and utilize my creative side through my work with numerous charities and organizations in both event planning and logistics.

More recently I have had the resolve to dive into the world of art through paint and brush, full speed ahead. Always in awe of the visual artist’s ability to create what seemed to be a magical representation of both the figurative and non-figurative world on canvas, I decided to try and overcome my inner child’s fear of failure and inadequacy as an artist.

I have now spent several of the last few years studying art morning, noon and night… reading, observing and painting. It brings me incomparable pleasure to spend time at one with, and in concentration of the beauty of life — to be able to take in and exude out the existence of a visual event and reiterate it from oneself back to a new life on canvas. A life in which the artist has exhaled.

Professional Affiliations
California Art Club, Associate Member 2012
Juried Member, Pacific Arts Group 2013
Palos Verdes Art Center
Torrance Art Guild

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Elissa Maria DiCarlo was a participating artist in the 2015 Rejoice in Art! Fair